What is Technology?

Technology in today’s world is something that each and every individual is aware of. Let me put some more visibility on this topic – “What is Technology?” in an interesting way. No one in today’s world is untouched of the technology. From a kid of 4-5 years of age to our grandparents of older ages are also using technology in some or the other way.

The world is changing drastically with technology. Everyday we can see new things are added or upgraded in Technology. And as we use these changing technologies, hence it changes our daily life as well.

What is Technology?

I remember one very interesting verse of the famous move “3 Idiots” where Amir Khan replies to a question “What is Machine?” to his teacher and explains it in a very “aasan bhasa” – “Woh har chiz jo aapki kaam easy bana de is a Machine, pen ki nip se leke pant ki jip tak ek machine hai”. And somehow his teacher does not like the answer because he wanted to listen some hard and fascinating definition written from the curriculum books.

So i being a similar person to Rancho if asked “What is Technology”, i would also say in a similar fashion – “Woh har cheez jo aapki life ko easy bana de is technology, Padhai karni hai- Use technology to learn online, Train ya flight ki ticket book karani hai – Use Technology to book tickets, City me kahin jaana hai – Use technology to book cabs, Veggies ya groceries laani hai- Use the technology to order online, Ghar me khana nahi bana- Use technlogy to order food online, kisi naye city me ghar dhundhna hai ya new property kharidni hai – Use technology to search and get best properties, Have to buy best clothes – order online and return as well if not liked”. And the number keeps on increasing numerously.

Technology is not only related to Information Technology(IT) field. It is related to each and every field related to engineering whether it be electronics, communications, civil, aviation, Biotechnology, Chemical etc and etc. These all fields of engineering provides us various ways of technologies in various forms which we use everyday.

Technology is used by various different generations. We see a child of less than 4 years too learning to operate mobile, tablets and laptops so quickly by observing their parents and soon it becomes a part of their life. Our old age grandparents are sometimes scared of using the new technologies as most of them think that they don’t need much advancement in their lives, but somehow they have to also use it to complete their needs and they confine themselves to using only those technologies which are required for them like banking apps, food ordering apps and video calling to their close relatives, doctor’s appointment apps etc. I mostly have seen this with my grandparents but it can not be the same case with some of the others as they would easily want to learn new things. Young generations who goes to school or colleges keep exploring new things in the new era of technology and may be sometimes show off as well to their friends in circle with having the latest and expensive gadgets and fashion. Working people mostly use the technologies to fulfill their daily needs of life and make their family life easy. So each and every individual of belonging to every generation needs and use the technology and cant keep themselves away from it.

Technology evolved in last 20 years and is continuously upgrading in such a way that has changed people’s life. From writing letters in postcard to getting relatives phone calls in nearby home of your society and being called by them and getting excited of getting a phone call to getting landline receiver at own’s home to getting keypad mobiles in hand and fascinated of wireless network to getting touch screen smart phones with magic residing in your pocket where you can view and somehow manage the whole world. This evolvement will go on and we don’t know now what to expect next.

People who work in Technology specifically if i say an IT engineer can predict somewhere that where this technology is going to evolve next. Technically being an IT professional i can say Automation, Artificial Intelligence etc is going to be the next generation.

So being known about what technology is doing and what it can do for us in future, we also should know the benefits and disadvantages of the technology.

Advantages of Technology– Its a lot of them. Numerous advantages are there as i already explained a lot which you are also quiet aware of it being a part of it in everyday life. The number of advantages are not going to an end.

Disadvantages  of Technology– We definitely have to know them, understand them and use the technology very wisely. As some of the examples i can say – Technology is making our life easy but at the same making us lazy, we don’t want to walk now to grocery store or food courts and think better to order online. Everything if provided at our doorsteps will definitely make our body lazy and it will in turn impact our health. Lot of online fraud happens that impacts people and sometimes they are too serious. So as advantage list is uncountable, disadvantages has also kept on troubling us in numerous ways.

So to put an end to this Blog i would like to sum up my points of this topic that Technology is best and is definitely useful in our each and every aspect of our life. If used wisely and keeping our personal health and safety in consideration, we can definitely avoid the disadvantages and any trouble far away from technology.

So use the Technology, keep up the trend, keep evolving your personal self and serve the Humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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